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Comprehensive Safety Reform

This top down approach will ensure that your staff and members of the public are safe when at your facility.

Physical Walkthrough 

In the first step of our safety reform, Landbo & Associates staff will send one of their law enforcement consultants to do a physical evaluation of the property. We will evaluate your current access control system, security weaknesses, and potential for improvement. We will then present our findings back to you with suggestions for enhanced safety.



We will provide CPR/AED/First Aid and Stop The Bleed Training to your team. 


Product Distribution and Implementation 

Landbo & Associates will provide a list of equipment that we have found to be superior on the market. This includes Stop The Bleed medical equipment, AEDs, and other medical supplies, in addition to access control equipment. Landbo & Associates will work with you to secure the best rates possible for this equipment., and oversee the implementation of the equipment. Landbo & Associates will also work to find available grants that may pay for these services, in addition to looking for reimbursements available to you, such as insurance discounts for having an AED on site. 

Get in Touch

Interested in this service? Head to our "Contact" page. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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